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My Deal with Elvis, MG Contemporary

Twelve-year-old Bailey moves to a quirky small town to be closer to her dad. The problem is he’s in prison. In addition to causing her to lose everything she’s ever known, her dad has also broken his promise to take her to explore all the mysteries in the book Strange Georgia. Bailey doesn't ever want to talk to her dad again, much less visit in him that place. But maybe she can start her life over--as long as nobody learns her secret.

When an Elvis-wannabe becomes the only kid she can trust, she talks him into an adventure.  But he’s more interested in winning the school talent show than exploring creepy cemeteries. So Bailey makes a deal-if he’ll help her find a dead outlaw’s loot, she’ll help him win. But in addition to digging up a grave, Elvis might just teach Bailey about forgiveness.

It's the mystery and setting of Three Times Lucky meets The Girl in the Well is Me.

Memorial Hill Cemetery in Milledgeville, GA, inspired this story.

Harvey the Bedazzler, Contemporary with MR
1st Place Winner of SCBWI Southern Breeze Contest
(MG Category) 2017

When eleven-year-old Sydney travels to her grandfather's funeral, she discovers the man she never knew. But was he really rescued by a giant turtle when he was in Vietnam? And did he make repairs on a witch’s house in exchange for a map to find his way out of the swamps? Sydney, with the help of her new friend, Nick, has only days to find proof and convince her dad that the stories are true. And maybe have an adventure of her own.

It's Big Fish for kids, told in alternating time periods similar to Holes

A sea turtle and beautiful Amelia Island, Florida inspired this story.

What I did Last Summer - or How I  Started a Business, Tried to Solve a Bank Robbery, and showed up on Bayou Pawn Stars, MG Contemporary

Twelve-year-old Haley is stranded all summer at the assisted living facility where her mom works. But when she finds a way to make cash by selling the residents snacks, things perk up. She might get that much needed cell phone after all. 


Soon Haley makes friends with a retired Marine general (and fellow fan of a pawn store reality show). But when she and the General join forces to solve a mystery involving another resident, things turn seriously less boring. They might solve a bank robbery, and all it will take is kidnapping a cat, trusting an eighty-something lady who thinks Jimmy Carter is still President, and joining forces with the boy from school who always seems to get on Haley's last nerve. 

My daughter used to work at an assisted living facility. And man, did she love the people there!

Harold - The Kid Who Ruined My Life and Saved the Day, MG Contemporary

Harold has ruined twelve-year-old Jack’s life for the last time. So what if Harold's autistic and a genius when it comes to baseball trivia and sixth grade Algebra.


Jack's finally found a way to put some distance between himself and Harold—middle school. His plan is to not only ditch Harold, but also the Titans, Jack’s  second place baseball team. 


But Haley, the girl who sits beside Jack on the bus, tries to show him that winning isn’t everything and that friends like Harold are pretty special. Not only that, Harold’s knowledge of expert plays might help Jack’s team beat the undefeated Comets.

Years of working with kids with ASD and keeping a baseball scorebook (from jr. high-college & now for my own son) inspired this story.

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